We felt very happy when we see our children smiling and having fun but children do not remain happy all the time that’s the time when you become unhappy due to your 3 year old behavior is out of control.

As a child, he doesn’t know how to control himself and also doesn’t know how to react in anger.

In anger, the child hit or beat anything he has because it does not have enough understanding of self-control.

Then you say that please help my 3 year old is out of control.
Children always try to touch and explore everything they have in front of them so if you have the thing that is too costly and valuable you should hide it from children.

You need to be set up a separate place for your children to play freely and you don’t have to make trouble when 3 year old behavior is out of control.

Everything should be available there for children like toys and their books.

If a child makes any mistake you have to tell it to reprove it instantly in this way we can compel him to follow rules.

  1. Teaching Basic rules and Regulations
  2. Parents Should Remain Calm
  3. Developing Awareness about Outcomes
  4. Allow Your Child to Make a Choice
  5. Appreciating Positive Behavior
  6. Spending Quality Time with Child

What should you do when your 3 year old out of control

  • Teaching Basic rules and Regulations

Often parents said that my three year old is out of control because he doesn’t know basic rules.

If you will not teach your children the basic rules and regulations of house it is almost impossible for them to learn these rules.

It is one of the initial and most important responsibilities of the parents.

We should talk to children positively even when they make a mistake and we should use smooth words instead of harsh words.

We should teach them about the thing he makes a mistake and tells him to do better next time.

This is the best way to overcome children’s mistakes and he will also not lose heart hopefully he will try to learn from his mistake.

Teaching Basic rules and Regulations - my three year old is out of control

  • Parents Should Remain Calm

Now the thing for the parents to do is to fully focus on their child but they have to be calm. While calming you just have to pay attention to your child.

The question is that why you have to stay so calm instead try to improve their child’s behavior the reason is that children follow their parents and people around them spent most of their time with their parents so if you will be calm and collected your child will also behave like you.
The more he gets angry you have to behave with more calmness.

A child really needs to be learning about how he can control his anger and it can happen if parents show calmness to their children.

We don’t want our children to remain always in the silence and not to play like so that he does not get depressed so we have allowed them to play freely and not to become angry even he make some serious mistake and be calm.

When you will be calm you can think about what have to do next and you will come to know about things like you don’t have to yell snap and anything at which you have to regret after.

The motive of staying calm for you is that you are a role model for your child he will definitely learn from you.

Parents Should Remain Calm - my toddler's tantrums are out of control

  • Developing Awareness about Outcomes

It usually happened that children don’t take care of our instruction and do the things that you tell him not to do.

The reason behind this is that he does not know about the result that can occur if he will don’t stop.
We can warn them in the way that we will cut down his time to play if he continues to behave rudely.
Now you have to do what you have said by doing this he will know the next time that he has not to make a mistake next time.


  • Allow Your Child to Make a Choice

If someone else manage our diet and the things like when we have to leave the house and when to come back.

You don’t feel good if rarely you have to ask about your opinion. These are the things children feel.
So we have tried to give them easy choices.

When there is something to choose you to have to give them easy choices and enough time to choose.
If a child chooses something and you don’t like it much then you should be okay with it.

You should not convince try to convince him one over the other choices.

He will know that everyone has the right to make choices.

You have tried to give him choices most of the time.

Allow Your Child to Make a Choice - help my 3 year old is out of control

  • Appreciating Positive Behavior

We must have to appreciate our child’s positive behavior rather than focusing on the misbehavior.

We always kept a view of our child that he will definitely make a mistake.

The result is that when there is not a good time to react to the things we do it.

He tries to do everything according to your instructions but due to your so much focus and attention he made mistakes.

So we have to focus the child positively instead made him panic.

When you see that child is improving his behavior and getting better and better we also need to appreciate and praise him more and more.

In this way by reacting positively will create a good impact on him and he will like to continue this way because he gets a lot of appreciation by doing this.

Appreciating Positive Behavior- 3 year old out of control

  • Spending Quality Time with Child

We don’t come to know about our child whether his day is going well or not.

The child will feel distress and he will try to do things that can become out of control for you.

You have to spend some time with him alone every day.

You must remember that this time should not be too longer.

It must be like 10 to 15 minutes and it will be better if you spent it early in the morning so that it will help him all day long.

This thing really works when 3 year old out of control.

Spending Quality Time with Child - my 3 year old behavior is out of control

Bottom lines

Most of the parents suffer from the problem that their 3 year old behavior is out of control.

How they can control and manage it.

All these things are explained in this article very well and in an organized way.


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