Writing a breakup letter to someone you love is quite a difficult task.

you have to make the struggle for finding the words which can carry your emotions in a better way because the breakup letter could be damaging for both persons if words are not selected correctly.

These words can be hurtful. So try to find the rights words to use in the goodbye letter to a lover.

You should be honest and write the truth even if it is not good for him to read. Don’t insult him or use any kind of harsh words that hurts him.

Clear each and everything because you are going to end up a relationship completely.

Make sure not to blame him even he has done something wrong with you.

Now we will explain the conditions of writing a breakup letter to someone you love.


  1. When you Have Long Term relation
  2. When Someone Cheated You
  3.   Break up Due to life Goals
  4.  If you Don’t Want to Commit
  5.  His Family Don’t Like you

Writing Break up Letter to Someone you Love Due to Some Critical Situations

  • When you Have Long Term Relation

I want to tell you about something really important because of the distance, the letter is the only way to contact you.

That’s why I m writing a letter with sadness. I always tried my best to make our relationship better.

I have true feelings for you.

From a few weeks, I have realized that the distance between us is a great hurdle and this hurdle is cutting off us.

A long time has been passed away since we have a look at each other.

More time was needed for our relationship.

That’s the reason for writing a letter to you.

It is time to ending up our relationship and getting free from emotional stress.

long term-emotional-breakup-letter

  • When Someone Cheated You

 I want to apologize to you because after a long time still, I am not able to forget you after you cheated on me.

I can understand there could be some reason and I don’t want to blame you.

But the thing that I can’t accept, you cheated on me.

I have trust issues with you.

May you reflect you still love me.

I also still love you but without trust, it seems impossible.

Hope you will have a look at your past and think about why you cheat on me by having an affair.

Now it’s the best time for us to move on and please don’t try to contact me anymore otherwise it will hurt you.

It is always sorrowful to write a breakup letter to someone you love. But it is the best way to write a break-up letter to someone who hurt you.

cheated-romantic-break-up- letter


  • Break up Due to life Goals

 I think at this stage of life I need a partner in my life to achieve my goals.

We remain together for a long period of time and you also know what I want to do in my life.

But at the same time, you are also passionate to achieve your goals. So we are going in two different directions.

You can understand it.

I am feeling very sad at the moment because I don’t want to leave you.

But the reason is very strong and valid and now it’s time to make a decision about our future.

I want an apology from my side if I have ever hurt you.

Hope you will understand. It is best for the future.

This is like deep emotional love letters.

  • If you Don’t Want to Commit

I think it’s very important for you to know about the things that from a few previous weeks  I am unable to keep our relationship well. It seems that in the future we will not be able to continue our relationship.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t love you or don’t want to be with you.

If I have to choose my life partner at this stage of my life  I will definitely prefer you.

But honestly, I want to say that now you don’t like me to hang around you.

May you deserve better than me. Now that’s the right time to end up.

If it is surprising for you I am sorry. Hope you understand and will accept my apology.

I don’t want to continue this relationship more because it will hurt both of us in the future.

  • His Family Don’t Like you

When someone is in a relationship with you then his family and friends are also connected with you.

May you feel bad or get hurt but I want to say that I can’t fit with your family. When we both join your family I feel I can’t be fit with them. Their reaction shows they did not like me.

I can understand there are a lot of differences between us but for your satisfaction, it is enough that your family and I love you.

I don’t want you to choose one from me and your family.

We have been together for a long time and we know how to manage all these things.

You have an amazing personality.

But unfortunately, we cannot move further with each other.

  Bottom Lines

While writing a breakup letter to someone you love you should write every word from your heart and you should be honest and write true words only.

you should write a breakup letter only if you want to break up completely.

So when your partner reads the letter he feels you are right. It is one of the most difficult decisions of your life and also a heartbreaking moment.

Write such kind of letter after which both will be able to take a final and firm decision.

Using these words will make someone cry in a goodbye letter.


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