I’m a self observer who burned through the greater part of my childhood all alone.

I felt awkward, anxious, and shy around people.

I was not a social person at that time.

Further in life, I figured out how to overcome my awkwardness and how to be outgoing in high school.

So following are a few steps that will help you to be an outgoing person.

  1. Try talking to new people
  2. Be an active listener
  3. Change yourself for you
  4. Start With Small Steps
  5. Make the eye contact
  6. Raise your hand in class
  7. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself
  8. Dare to be warm

7 proven steps on how to be outgoing in high school


  • Try talking to new people

So the first step on how to be more outgoing is to talk to new people in your school or area.

Converse to anybody and everyone.

Obviously, it can be quite awkward to converse with outsiders, however, the more you attempt, the simpler your association with people will be.

  • Be an active listener

Being more outgoing will be more simple If you become a good listener.

It is very imperative to show the individual that you are occupied in the discussion.

Concentrate on the topic, take a look at the individual, nod, repeat central ideas, use brief expressions, don’t interrupt, and don’t design your reaction.

active listener

  • Change yourself for you

If you want to be an outgoing person then try not to begin your inner changes simply because someone advised you to do that.

It should be your own initiative.

You should recollect that being shy and being an introvert is completely normal.

If you have to be yourself and behave normally.

However, if your shyness cares for you, try to do something to make yourself more pleasant.

  • Start with small steps to be more outgoing

Start by making little steps towards setting up contact with the individuals around you be they strangers, associates, colleagues, or friends.

Eye to eye connection and little, friendly signs can go a long way.

Being outgoing is fully simple with these strategies.

They say that smiles are infectious.

So, if somebody looks straight at you when you’re buying things at the grocery store, on the train on your path to work, or sitting in the smash room at the office, smile at them.

You will realize that most individuals react positively and are probably to smile back.

Use that returned smile as an immediate confidence booster.

  • Make the eye contact

It is really necessary to make eye contact with the individuals around you while being in various social circumstances.

Eye contact builds up the association between people.

You look can be understood as a greeting.

Set up eye to eye connection and give a friendly smile.

It is simply great if the individual reacts, but otherwise don’t force communication on someone who isn’t interested in you.

Being sociable and outgoing intends to know where and when you should move toward others.

  • Raise your hand in class

Raise your hand in the school class.

One approach to moving yourself to be more sociable and outgoing is by attempting to answer one of your instructor’s questions every week or every day or each class period.

Responding to inquiries in class offers you the chance to practice being more outgoing, and it gives you a prisoner audience of your peers.

Don’t put too much force on yourself to execute. Just keep trying.

  • Don’t be shy to introduce yourself

Obviously, it is not a simple task to present yourself when you are somewhere on a social gathering.

You can discover numerous people who may notice the same as you.

Be the earliest to say “Hi”.

Be outgoing, but not assertive. Quit the person, if he or she is unbiased.


  • Dare to be warm

I used to have a solid inclination that individuals wouldn’t like me.

I think it originated from my time in primary school where a portion of different kids used to bully me.

But the issue was that long after school, I was as yet afraid that people wouldn’t care for me.

I additionally had a conviction that people didn’t care for me because of my large nose.

As a barrier against rejection, I trusted that others will be nice toward me before I set out to be nice toward them.

The bottom line 

 So it was all about how to be outgoing in high school.

You can follow these useful steps for being a socially outgoing person.