Do you also want to know how to become a clinical psychologist?

If you want to have a career in psychology it is an intellectual challenge for you.

It is the type of social work in which you help people and you also get paid a handsome salary.

It is a very long period of the process to become a clinical psychologist.

It takes around ten years after you got admission to the university and you also have to do some work to get experience it could be paid or non-paid after getting the graduate degree.

After getting a degree and gaining some experience you will be eligible to get admission to the doctorate training program of clinical psychology.

Once you have completed your university degree you may have to work with a professional clinical psychologist as assistance or helper and you will only get the minimum wage.

You have to be ready for all such circumstances.

  • Treatment of Patients
  • Degree of Doctorate with Placement year
  • Requirements to Become Clinical Psychologists
  • Salary of a Clinical Psychologist
  • Skills Required for Clinical Psychologist

How to become a clinical psychologist in 5 Steps

  • Treatment of Patients

The work to do for a clinical psychologist is to understand the nature of every kind of person he wants to treat and after keeping in view all about a patient he suggests his cure.

During this process sometimes psychologists also get involved in this process.

National health service (NHS) hires a large clinical psychologist.

So they get a chance to work with other health professionals like doctors, nurses and also with non-medical professionals like social workers and teachers.

Clinical Psychologists can’t give any prescription to the patients while doctors can do this act.

The study about behavior and the brain of a man is known as psychology.

The psychologist comes to play their knowledge and treat patients.

There are also some types of psychology and clinical psychology is one of them.

A clinical psychologist has to deal with patients suffering from mental health issues, behavior issues, and emotionally unwell people.

They have to treat people suffering from mental disorders and consternation or people having consistent pain due to any type of injury.


  • Degree of Doctorate with Placement year

You have to do an undergraduate degree in psychology or any other subject related to psychology.

You have to attain knowledge about the clinical psychologist. After that you need to do is a graduate degree in psychology.

Moreover, you also have to get a degree or doctorate in psychology.

After completing your undergraduate and graduate degree you have to spend an extra year which is known as placement year.

During this year you only have to do work and get practical experience.


  • Requirements to Become Clinical Psychologists

To get a job as a clinical psychologist is very tough because the competition is very high in this industry. Only fifteen percent of people get a job as clinical psychologists.

It will add a great value to your portfolio if you have practical experience of working with a professional psychologist as assistance.

That is also not quite easy to get this assistance job because you must have some kind of experience before that.

How to become a clinical psychologist is the question most people talk about but there are some other jobs as well which you have to do before.

These are given as under

  • Care Assistant: Working as a care assistant. The job of care assistance is to work for patients who can’t do work for themselves.


  • Health Care Assistant: The job of health care assistance is to facilitate the hospital patients by helping them in washing, dressing, preparation, and eating of the meal and taking them to the washroom.


  • Social Worker: The next one is a social worker. A social worker doesn’t have a degree in social work. He only has two years of degree and after this, he starts working while continuing his master’s degree.
  • Degree and Courses to Become Clinical Psychologist

You should choose a course that is offering an extra placement year.

The benefit is that we don’t have to make a struggle after getting a degree.

After the graduate, you need some experience to get admission in the postgraduate course.

The people struggle to get this experience from 3 to 4 years and after this period, they become unable to get some kind of job.

Having a reference from a professional clinical psychologist will help you.

Degree of a doctorate in clinical psychology includes 3 years of teaching and after this four to five years of as placement in which you will get practical training.

  • Salary of a Clinical Psychologist

Your salary will be according to your experience.

Except for that assistant of psychologist, care assistant nursing assistance, and also mental health assistance is get paid.

While doing your degree of doctorate you will also be paid because you are studying and working together.

If you want to help people then a career in clinical psychology is perfect for you.

In the field of clinical psychology and mental health services, you have to treat people for a long time to cure them.


  • Skills Required for Clinical Psychologist

For a clinical psychologist, it is very necessary to have strong communication skills so you can interact with people easily.

You should be able to understand the feelings of people and must be a good listener.

You have to develop a relationship with every kind of person.

The treatment doesn’t show instant results so you have to wait for it.

In clinical psychology, you have to diagnose, judge, and treat mental health patients or mentally disorder people.

A clinical psychologist can also treat general psychology patients or treat o a group of people suffering from a mental disorder.

Most of the psychologist gain the certification of clinical psychology so that’s why clinical psychology is the largest field of psychology.

Ending Lines

How to become a clinical psychologist is the question that is often asked by experts.

We have explained very well about this topic.

All about the pros, cons, struggles, and qualifications of a clinical psychologist is discussed in the above paragraphs.

This process is very similar to becoming a psychologist.