Our today’s topic is how to become a commercial pilot? 

A person working in the industry of aviation that is able to control and operate an airplane plane to shift a large number of people or goods from one place to another place is known as a pilot.

They work for different private companies, corporations, or governments.

Some pilots also work for some special individuals having private jets.

Some people ask that is it hard to become a pilot?

And the answer is it depends upon you.

Now we will talk about how to become a commercial pilot?

Commercial pilots are different from ordinary pilots.

Many people thought that commercial pilots are those who work for some special airlines but that is not true.

The pilots that work in cargo or for tourism can be commercial pilots. The instructors of aircraft and ferry pilots can also be commercial pilots.

An airplane pilot that is certified from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and is being paid for his services is called a commercial pilot.

For commercial pilots, students have to gain the experience of operating high-level aircraft for the time of 10 hours.

But it will be better if you make a personal development program for yourself which will help you a lot in future training.

Some of the students like to do training in high-level aircraft.

Commercial Pilot Requirements

Commercial Pilot Requirements - becoming a pilot

For the application of a commercial pilot, it is necessary to have at least a pilot certificate even from the private sector and the age required for it is 18 years old and the person should be able to write, speak, read, and must have a good understanding of English.

Many people cannot be able to start their commercial training because they do not have enough experience.

When a pilot gets 250 hours of experience then he becomes able to get a commercial license or permit.

Here are some common commercial pilot requirements.

  1. Age: The minimum 18 years age is required to start your pilot training when you can receive a Student Pilot License and the 67 years is the retirement age for airline pilots.
  2. Medical Certificate: So as to begin your pilot preparing, you should make sure about a Medical Certificate – in order to get this, it is a good idea to speak with the Flight School you want to start with and then go to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority and have your self surveyed by an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).
  3. Educational requirement: It is necessary to note at this point that while you can get a Student Pilot License, Private Pilot License, and Commercial Pilot License with a High School degree, working for one of the largest airlines normally requires a College degree.
  4. English Proficiency: It is confirmed that the language of Aviation internationally is English and it is recommended to meet a Level 4 English standard before receiving your Commercial Pilot License – In case you are hoping to improve your English, you can send us a direct message and we will give you tips on what courses to choose.

Now here are 5 major steps to becoming a pilot.

  • Getting 2nd class of Medical Certificate
  • Passing FAA Exams
  • Professional and Practical training
  • Cross Country Check ride
  • Investment of Time and Money to Become a Pilot

5 Main Steps to Becoming a Pilot

  • Getting 2nd class of Medical Certificate

If you are a pilot that already completed a private pilot license requirements certificate from the private sector so there are many chances that you already have a valid medical certificate of aviation.

If a pilot contains a medical certificate of 3rd class he is not eligible. For this, you must have to get a 2nd class medical certificate.

If you don’t have a 2nd class medical certificate you can’t get anyone advantage of commercial pilots.

If you have completed your commercial pilot training and you are not able to get a 2nd class medical certificate then you are one of the unluckiest people.

Getting 2nd class of Medical Certificate - logics help

  • Passing FAA Exams

As happened in the certificate of a private pilot in commercial pilot training you can also give written exams earlier.

The benefit of this thing is that you will have some extra knowledge in your mind and you will also get fresh after written exams and now you will be able to focus only on your practical flight training.

Passing FAA Exams - requirement to be a pilot

  • Professional and Practical Training

Professionalism should reflect from a commercial pilot along with professional experience is also important.

If you want to avail of the commercial pilot certificate you should have experienced 250 hours of flight in which 100 hours when he is in command position 50 hours time of cross country flight, instrumental training of 10 hours, and 10 hours of training in complex situation aircraft.

Professional and Practical Training - how to become a pilot

  • Cross Country Check ride

During the training of a commercial pilot, you learn new techniques and tactics and you need to become more precise and regular as compared to the training of private certified pilots.

You will also learn and get the training of long flights throughout the country known as cross country flight and this cross country flight will consist of the distance of 300 sea miles and 250 hours miles.

After learning all the techniques and tactics according to the standard of the commercial pilot, you will also learn about the rules, regulations, and limits required to get a commercial pilot certificate then your instructor will check you with a test ride or check ride.

As you have already practiced it and you know all about it, the first few hours of verbal work is done before the flight and after that, there is a quick flight.

You have to recognize and understand the thing that the instructor is checking you on whether you work professionally or not.

So whatever you will do during this check ride it must look professional. Make sure that during the check ride don’t waste any kind of time, don’t become careless, and do things very precisely.

  • Investment of Time and Money to Become a Pilot

That is not necessarily how much do pilots make, rather the point is how much investment is required.

Until now we have come to know how to be a pilot but now we will learn about the total time and money investment to become a pilot.

If you have zero experience that it takes a minimum of one year including all types of training.

If you have no experience as we have discussed first you have to get a private pilot certificate after that you will be able to get a commercial pilot certificate.

A number of pilots start flying cargo planes to gain experience. The benefit is that you get a good amount of money as well as experience. 

After completing 1500 hours of flight experience you will be able to take flight on a commercial flight that contains passengers.

All the pilots have to pay different amounts of money to get training according to their capabilities and power of learning.

Normally it costs seventy thousand dollars 70,000$ to be a pilot. But if you want to get the training of the airline pilot it will cost you around 1 lakh forty thousand dollars 140,000. 

Investment of Time and Money to Become a Pilot - logics help

Ending Lines

You cannot do a pilot training course according to your desire because first, they will check if you have the skills and abilities of a pilot or not.

If you fall in their criteria you can definitely get training.

That’s why many pilot institutes conduct a test as well for pilot selection.

This test contains a series of exams that you have to pass through.

If you want to have a pilot you should have some common skills and proper studies about the industry of airlines.

Because you have to apply for it online by submitting an application online, interview, math’s test, and exercises’ in the form of groups.

As we don’t know what will happen next like all other fields but we must have to prepare for it and will try to grasp the opportunity.

So you must have the knowledge about the pilot that you want to become either private or commercial and also we must have the basic knowledge.

That is complete info about how to become a commercial pilot?


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