Emotion plays an important part in our life.

Emotions are the senses of our inner self and they have the same power as our other physical parts of the body.

Due to emotions, we came to know about our likes and dislikes and also which desires we want to come true in our life and also the desires about the things we don’t want to have in our life.

As our emotions have such great importance in our life so we should develop awareness about how to become emotionless. Here are 8 common tips to become feelingless.

  1. Remain unemotional at the moment
  2. Don’t make predictions about future
  3. Situation dissociation
  4. Thinking of having the power
  5. Start thinking logically
  6. Awareness about some emotions to Acknowledge
  7. Doing physical exercise
  8. By writing the journal’s

Some Healthy strategies to Become Emotionless

You can learn about the right strategies that can help you to pass through such tough situations. Some of them are given as:

  • Remain Unemotional at the Moment

When we feel nothing we lose the ability to think properly and we aren’t able to perform tasks perfectly and efficiently.

If you want to give your 100% and want to do great work you need to control your emotions. Don’t indulge yourself into the internal loathing.

When we see about the luxurious house, jobs, and lifestyle in the media commercials or images we feel sorrowful.

There are some thoughts and feelings that you should avoid to become emotionless & feelingless.

Remain Unemotional at the Moment

  • Don’t compare others with yourself.

At the moment you make a comparison of yourself with others you decrease your own value and you underestimate the things at which you are better than the other ones.

Like all other people you also have some unique abilities. Use these unique capabilities and raise yourself and your standard.

Don’t think that you are not able to handle and survive in difficult situations. These types of thoughts affect your way of working.

As compared to it we should think positively and try to solve all our problems.

Don’t compare others with yourself - stop being sad

  • Don’t Make Predictions about Future

Don’t make assumptions about your future because the results can be changed according to future circumstances. When we are going to do some work and don’t think about the results it definitely works well because you are careless about results. So bring your skills and thoughts to come into play because you can’t predict your future.

Don’t make predictions about future

  • Situation Dissociation

If we think about our life and all the things happening around us then we consider or observe them like a picture.

Then we have to observe things as a third person, not our self.

By doing this we will be able to handle the situation without getting emotional.

Now suppose yourself as an outsider at whom the situation cannot create any kind of good or bad impact and think how to become emotionless and heartless?

When you act like a third party we disassociate our self with the situation and we act as an object not as a subject just like that a doctor treating his patient.

This type of technique is term as ‘’reformulating’’.

While using this technique of dissociation we should remain care full because this can lead to inheritance problems.

If you are not caring full about this dissociation then you can fall prey to mental disease as well.

The dissociation cannot work for every tough situation because there are some situations in which it is necessary to act as a subjective head to understand and handle it.

  • Thinking of having the power

If you always think only about the things that are not going well around you this will lead to you distress anger and anxiety.

On the other way if you think positive and realize you have the power to deal with any problem it will give you o lot of confidence with peace of mind as well.

If you will act like the situation is in your control and face the people with impressive expressions on your face and think like you can control the situation then you will definitely get positive results.

Thinking of having the power

  • Start Thinking Logically

When your emotions surround you then you think about how I can get rid of these emotions and can become emotionless or heartless.

When this type of thing happens and we become unable to think properly then we should stand up.

Now the question is how to do this?

This can be done by thinking logically and thinking with a relaxed state of mind. So stop being sad.

If we analyze the situation carefully keeping the facts in front of us we can overcome our emotions and feeling responses.

So when you realize that your emotions are surpassing that is the time to think logically and wisely.

Start Thinking Logically - logics help

  • Awareness about Some Emotions to Acknowledge

Feelings like anxiety anger and hatred are needed to be overcome.

These feelings are just initial reactions that naturally evoke by our organs.

But there are some emotions that we need to face off and after that just allow them to go.

Because no one can say that I don’t have emotions or I feel nothing.

At the same time, there are emotions that you need to face, acknowledge, and let them go. Like feeling intense sorrow full due to the death of anyone close to your heart.

If you try to overcome every time it happens you cannot suppress it.

If you want to get rid of emotions you have to face it again and again and in this way, you will be emotionless.

  • Doing Physical Exercise

At the tough times, we can reduce the distress by doing physical exercises as well.

It has been observed that when people get to indulge in such difficult circumstances they stop exercising.

When you exert your physical energy in different physical exercises it helps you to think in a better way.

Doing Physical Exercise - become emotionless - logics help

  • By Writing Journals

Writing a journal is also a healthy activity because in a journal a person because in the journal a man writes down his feelings and finds ways to overcome situations because by doing you will be able to understand the situation.

In this way, you can think safely and it stops you to make early decisions.

By Writing Journals - feel nothing -become emotionless

Bottom Lines

As a result, we can say that one should learn and know how to let some emotions go and how to become emotionless.

If you are well aware of when to let go emotions can give you peace of mind and will also help you to be emotionless.

If we explore there are a number of ways through which we can become emotionless.


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