If you want to break up with someone and don’t want to carry forward your relation and you are not aware of how to break up with someone.

It is not quite easy. You can make it easy by doing something different.

you should become emotionless and heartless while taking this step.

But one very important thing that you should keep in mind is never to hurt him.


  1. Taking Decision
  2. Arrangement for Break up
  3. Giving Strong Reason for Break up
  4. Breaking Up at Right Time
  5. Having a Personal Conversation
  6. Use of word ‘’I’’ for your Perspective
  7. Talking Honestly and Respectively


How to Break up with Someone Without Hurting

  • Taking Decision

If you are ready to leave a person for a lifetime then you should break up with him.

If after the break up you want to patch up again it would be impossible for you because the things can never be sorted out after such a breakup.

It is always emotional to break up with someone you love.

decision making-break-up-with-your-boyfriend

  • Arrangement for Break up

First, you have to make some necessary changes in how to break up with someone.

Now there are some things to do if both of you are living together.

If you want to stay at that place and want your partner to leave the house then you have to give enough time to him to settle down.

So he could be able to manage living place for him.

And if you want to leave, you have to ask your friends or any colleague to stay at their home for a few days.

Moreover, If you don’t live in the same place then maybe both of you meet at school or office in a day.

Now simply you have to adjust your schedule if you think that meeting each other will make it difficult to break it up.

It is the best way to break up with someone nicely.



  • Giving Strong Reason for Break up

You have to decide that breaking up is beneficial for you or not.

You have to keep in view your future and your friend’s future as well.

If a breakup is necessary for you then don’t think about the fact that you would be single after this breakup.

You think that breaking up with someone is bad because it would hurt your feelings but the point is that if you will continue your relationship with such a person you don’t love, it will be worse for you.

Sometimes you think that you want a break from a relationship but actually, you don,t want to break up with your partner.

It is also possible that you might afraid of being alone and single.

Asking for a break means, you want to end up a relationship.

It is good to take a break because during this time you will be able to make a strong decision that you might have to break up now.


  • Breaking Up at Right Time

There is no specific time to break up with someone.

But there are some situations when you should avoid breaking up the relation.

If your friend is dealing with some serious problems like the death of his closer one, suffering from a serious disease, OR losing a job.

Then you should give some time to him before break up.

Don’t break up during a fight due to anger rather than talk to him and express that there is nothing left in the relationship and you don’t want to carry on.


right time-break-up-with-someone-nicely

  • Having a Personal Conversation

While breaking up you should have a conversation with your partner alone in the corner of a room or any place like that because you may get emotional or may you need any kind of privacy.

If your partner is doing some very important work or you are having a normal conversation with him don’t talk about break up suddenly.

you should ask him before that I want to discuss something very personal and important.

You can text him or send an email to him to meet at a specific place for some personal and important matters of the future.

By doing this he will get ready to face any kind of emotional thing.

personal conversation-break-up-with-someone-you-live-with

  • Use of word ‘’I’’ for your Perspective

While having a conversation about break up you should use the word of ‘‘I’’ because it reflects that you have a different point of view as compare to your friend.

For example, you can say I want to spend more time with myself  and now I have to think more about my future plans.


use of i-break-up-with-your-boyfriend

  • Talking Honestly and Respectively

Telling a truth is well. You should always tell the truth but sometimes it hurts more without having a definite purpose.

Like if there is a difference between your interest you have to clear it with your friend. If you will clear each and everything with a solid reason by expressing it straight away to your partner.

It will definitely help you to move forward quickly and easily but if you will not clear everything then you will always feel disturbed.

It will always raise questions in your mind and in your partner’s mind as well that about the reason for your break up with someone who loves you.

Talk to him in a gentle way rather than using harsh words and don’t criticize him.

Continue the conversation in a normal way, don’t insult him, and avoid such words that hurt him.

You have to realize that you still care for him but there is a lot of difference in your ambitions and it will be better to separate our path.

It would feel like you are not rejecting him.

Things to do After Break up

After getting know how to break up with someone you have to do something after a break-up and these things are given below:


  1. Disconnection: It is definitely not comfortable for anybody to cut off completely with the person you love because you have some kind of attachment with him. But if you feel seduce some time just block his number and unfollow from social media.


  1. Giving yourself a Time to Adjust: You should remain calm and relax. Break up with someone you love will feel like a loss for you. It indicates that you still need a good period of time to adjust your self and forget about the past.


  1. Concerning Family: Your family can help you to deal with this situation. So you should not hesitate to share it with your family or other close friends. They will support you and give you some suggestions. you must take this step and don,t think about what you will do when you will have no friends.

    Bottom Lines

How to break up with someone you love the most and have a bond of a strong relationship?

It’s not going to be so simple and easy.

You have to make a personal conversation with him and you have to explain all the issues you have and the reason of break up.

All these facts are discussed in the above lines thoroughly.


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