Before we discuss how to deal with a narcissist husband we should know about the narcissist person.

A person who only thinks about himself and lacks to understand other people is known as a narcissistic person.

We have to remember that if some have a disorder of narcissist personality he really needs a mental health professional because it is not a normal state of mind and we can’t deal with it.

But some people show a few characteristics of narcissist personality disorder there are a lot of reasons that could be behind it.

It could be due to indulging in oneself, taking benefits from others, not caring about the needs or emotions of the others.
Leaving a narcissistic person is not always possible for a woman.

The parents of children know about narcissistic behavior but they want their children to marry and maintain a basic relationship with his wife even his wife doesn’t know how to deal with a narcissist husband.

Here are a few simple points that will help you in dealing with a narcissist husband.

  1. Checking the state of a narcissist
  2. Determine your husband feel jealous or not
  3. Your husband controlling you
  4. How to talk with husband
  5. Lying of your husband
  6. Questioning to your Husband
  7. Using the Term “we” Instead “you”
  8. Determine Whether Your Husband can change or not

Steps that will help you to dealing with a Narcissistic husband

Most of the time a woman is not able to divorce a narcissistic husband and leave her after she married a narcissistic husband because of a number of reasons such as economic reasons or maybe due to love for her husband.

Some parents are also narcissistic and their children have to face problems but they can’t terminate their relationship.

  • Checking the state of a narcissist

So, how we can learn how to live with such persons that have arrogance and selfishness. The people having narcissistic personality have an ego and you feel narcissistic husband cheating you.

They are so much absorbed in themself that they only find ways for their success without caring about anything or any person.

That’s why a narcissistic husband does not love HIS wife in return as his wife loves him.

He will only care about his desires and things he considered necessary for him as compare he will not care anything about his wife.

  • Determine your husband feel jealous or not

People having narcissistic personalities don’t like to feel low in front of someone other. They consider themself superior to the others.

They don’t like to be even on the 2nd number.

They always want the first number. Sometimes they become so obsessive that they felt jealous of the achievements of other people.

So many times they show anger and abusive behavior which I really bad.

The husbands that become narcissistic separate their wife from her relative family and friends and isolate them they consider it a good way to control his wife.

Living with a narcissist husband becomes difficult from time to time In the same way they do not show love and affections to his wife.

  • Your husband controlling you

Such husbands can disturb their wives by threatening them emotionally and with abusive behavior.

So in this situation, you may feel sad and you start crying.

He uses his anger to control his wife and urges him to do the wrong things.

  • Lying of your husband

The narcissistic husbands use lies most of the time to exert pressure on their wives.

They don’t tell about the whole things like revealing only half-truth so that they don’t have to take responsibility for the things and matters going wrong.

Most of the time they do this to blame their wife.

These things are not well for the health of the spouse because the husband has put all the blame and responsibility on her.

narcissistic husband behavior

  • How to talk with husband

Talking to your husband is very important to know how to deal with a narcissist husband.

As you have got married to each other so you should not feel any hesitation to talk to your husband openly about any of the issues.

Keep your head and level up when you are talking to your husband.

You should talk to him in a way that you can convince him and don’t talks the way like you are fighting with him rather speaks smoothly explain about all the issues you have with your husband.

A narcissists person never likes to be criticized so avoid harsh and criticizing words during the conversation.
Explain and express your feeling to your husband that how would you often feel when he talks to you angrily.

And said to him that I just want to talk to you.

After that tell him that you think he sometimes does the things that reflect his selfishness and you feel maybe he has an affair with another one outside.

Tell him you talk to me strictly and try to impose and implement things and orders on me.

You must remain to be careful during all this conversation that you do not cry at him at any cost.

  • Questioning to your Husband

Before this you have to check your husband’s emotions when he is in full emotion then it is the time to talk to him.

Another technique is to make questions to him so that he will focus on the conversation.

When you will question him it will help you to remain in the center position and now you can come to your point as well.

  • Using the Term “we” Instead of “you”

You have to reflect and answer anything he talks about. Like if he says nobody understands and appreciates him then you must say that I know it was very difficult and you have faced a lot of suffering.

Try that when you talk to him doesn’t use the word “you” instead use “we”.

If you will use the word like “we” it will include both of them you and he will feel share responsibility but if you will use the word “you” he seems that you are putting all the responsibility and blame on him.

For example, if you will say “you have hurt me because of selfishness” Instead you have to say “I feel we have heart each other by thinking only for ourselves.

  • Determine Whether Your Husband can change or not

If you see some changes to your husband and feel that he will get change in the near future then it is well and good then you can manage to get through these problems but if you are not seeing any change in your husband there is no other way to make it better.

You have to talk to him now about his behavior and have to see how he reacts.

You have to say that our relationship is all about you and you can make it better I can do nothing about it you have control.

And after this tell him about your concerns.

Bottom lines

This article is for the women who get married to a narcissist husband and we tell everything about how to deal with a narcissist husband.

Hope it will prove helpful for all women who are suffering from such problems.

This is a very serious issue so we consider it important to provide our best information about it.