Our today’s topic to be covered is how to deal with a pathological liar.

In everyday life we see lying is almost common.

In society, many humans lie while engaging with different people.

Not only the humans lie even some animals also do this like monkeys.

We speak lie when we see that it will lead us to a great benefit.

As an example when you think that you have made some serious mistake and you want to escape from it you tell a lie at the moment.

Many of the people tell a lie regularly or make it their habit.

It is known as chronic lying.

It doesn’t mean that a man is in a mental disorder condition.

Now we are going to discuss the Pathological liar definition, causes, and treatment, in detail.

As we have discussed lying is the way of cheating others to save you.

Commonly lying is not due to any kind of mental or other disorder.

But if a person is lying regularly and even he does not have the benefit of this lie it means he is suffering from some type of mental disease and this disease is known as Pathological lying.

These kinds of people don,t know what should they do for a living.

And we should know how to deal with a pathological liar.

What is a pathological liar (pathological liar definition)

Pathological lying also called Fantastica, mythomania, and pseudologia, is the chronic behavior of uncontrollably or constantly lying.

If I define pathological liar in simple words,  A person lying without any reason called a pathological liar.

What causes pathological lying?


According to some researches, trauma or head injuries might be the reasons for pathological lying, along with an abnormality in the hormone-cortisol ratio.

Recently some researchers have been made on this disease but still, no one knows any strong and perfect reasons for the pathological liar.

It is also unknown whether it is the name of a condition or leads to some other disease.

The lying-in usual life is because due to the different characteristics of some conditions.

  1. Lying of a pathological Liar
  2. Disorder of Factitious
  3. Mental Disorders like Pathological Disorder
  4. Differentiating a Pathological Liar
  5. Identification of a Pathological Liar
  6. Diagnosis and Treatment
  7. How to deal with a pathological liar

Some Crucial Points of how to deal with a Pathological liar

  • Lying of a pathological Liar

There are many differences between a pathological and a non-pathological liar or a compulsive liar but we have to observe and research very carefully while deciding that a person is lying pathologically.

One of the identifications of the pathological liar is that he does not have a true motive to speak lies.

Like if someone has to face a problem like embarrassment or he will get depressed then he will tell a lie.

But a pathological liar does not have a solid reason behind it.

Now the point to be discussed is whether he knows that he is doing something wrong or he is not aware of what he is doing.

It becomes very difficult for the pathological liar to socializing and due to this behavior, he has to lose his friends, relatives, and the people he loves the most.

  • Disorder of Factitious

The disorder when someone tries to show that he is unwell and suffering from disease or some kind of disorder is known as a factitious disorder.

Some of the researches show that it is mostly found in mothers when they show fake illness of their child to a doctor.

Now we will look at the causes of this order.

It can be due to genetic problems, facing the neglecting, loss of self-esteem, depression, or due to the disorder of the personality.

  • Mental Disorders like Pathological Disorder

Pathological lying could be the sign of some kind of disorder.

When a person feels that he is not able to do their emotional regulation he is probably suffering from a borderline personality disorder.

He feels different mood swings and feels highly insecure and unstable at times.

The people that have narcissistic personality disorder have huge importance for themselves self and they need quick treatment.

And the person suffering from this disorder is called a narcissistic pathological liar.

Researches show pathological liar could be suffering from antisocial personality disorder the identification is that a person suffering from this disorder tell a lie because he feels happy and pleasure.

In the first two types of disorders, they only said according to their emotions and feelings and not said the right thing on the basis of facts this type of thing can hurt personal relationships.

  • Differentiating a Pathological Liar

The pathological liars start from very small lies.

Once they said lie then he has to cover it up by saying another one lie in this way it becomes more and more intense and dramatic.

Most of the time they do not have the necessary details and it gets complicated.

Every liar is not a pathological liar we can differentiate it by seeing that it has a genuine motive or not.

  • Identification of a Pathological Liar

If a person tells a lie to cover up his mistakes that he has mistakes or his liars that he has said before then it shows a clear sense of motive it could not be a pathological liar.

Now it is very easy to understand pathological liars because these lies hurt the person who said them.

The matter of fact is that all types of disorders have almost the same kind of symptoms usual or compulsive lying is included as well.

Pathological liars also show some other type of disorder symptoms.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment

Some symptoms are already there from which we can judge about the pathological liar like if a person is lying pathologically and does not have any kind of medical problem.

There is also not any kind of psychological and biological testing as possible so a doctor can’t judge that a person is pathologically lying or compulsive.

The pathological liar treatment is not just as simple but the doctor may identify it as another type of disorder like lying personality disorder and factitious disorder.

For the treatment of a pathological liar, the doctor will take his interview and will try to check symptoms.

After that, he will also meet with his family members and will ask a question about him and will come to know that he is speaking honestly or lying without any reason.

How to deal with a pathological liar (in simple words)

It is very difficult as well as challenging to deal with a person who is a pathological liar.

It requires a lot of patience and time to develop a relationship with such a person.

One thing that is very relaxing about him is that he will not lie to harm or benefit us.

So you don’t need to show anger at him or to blame him.

Ending Lines

A pathological liar is a type of mental disorder or mental disease.

It is the type of disease that does not have definite symptoms and symbols.

That’s why we have discussed it in every detail in this article that how to deal with a pathological liar.

We have tried our best to provide you with helpful knowledge and experience.

So that if any one of your relatives or friend suffers from it you should be able to recognize it.