Are you curious about how to deal with toxic friends??? Then you have come to the right place.

A friend’s assistance makes life more important.

They give social and emotional aid, relieve emotions of loneliness, and enable you to feel pleased and better satisfied with life.

Nowadays staying in touch with friends is so important. I believe most of my best friends are a blessing.

Before learning how to deal with toxic friends you should know “who is a toxic person?” “How to know if someone is toxic?”

What are the signs of a toxic friendship?

signs of a toxic friendship - LogicsHelpThere are a lot of toxic friends signs Like If a friendship is provoking you an amount of pain and troubles, it may be toxic.

Maybe your friend makes you feel insecure about yourself, or they expect you to do things that you’re uneasy with.

Or maybe you both seem to highlight the worst qualities in each other. Powerful friendships can, and frequently do have harsh patches, but tough or toxic friendships never appear to go smoothly.

So, you’ve noticed that there are some parts of a specific friendship that are toxic and make you feel like crap.

Here are the 6 most common signs of a toxic friendship you should know.

  1. A toxic friend may blame you for his own mistakes.
  2. Toxic friends try to stop you from making new friends just because they want all your time and energy.
  3. A toxic friend may make you feel like you’re less than they are.
  4. Toxic friends can emotionally blackmail you if you say you can’t go to a social event or deny any of their invitations.
  5. On the off chance your companion makes fun of yourself in social settings, tells cruel jokes at your expense, or cases that you “just don’t have a good sense of humor” then they are surely being toxic and abusive.
  6. Toxic friends friendships can take distinct forms, but they naturally dehydrate you mentally they hurt you, and have a means of bringing you down instead of building you up. This is one of the pointable signs of toxic/bad friendship.

Ways to dealing with toxic friendships

Understand that you don’t deserve to be dealt with badly, mainly by a friend, and that it’s not okay for them to behave like this. Here are some steps to deal with toxic friends.

  • Struggling with a toxic friendship
  • Decrease contact
  • Hide them on social media
  • Put new boundaries

      Struggling with a toxic friendship

      Toxic friendships can be confused and tough to deal with because you may value the relationship despite the pain it results in.

      Try not to feel guilty about yourself if you can’t determine between wanting to remain in the friendship or wanting to detach yourself from it.

      If you’re thinking whether or not to remain in friendship, remember these aspects in mind:

      Remember the score: it might be useful to create a chart of all the pros and cons of your friendship, then compare to see if the bad is superior to the good.

      It is your call: only you can choose what is best for you.

      Your friend might be glad, but don’t allow guilt or pressure to keep you from living in a friendship that makes you unhappy.

      It is your timeline: take the time you require to think aspects through before you make a conclusion.

      Grab some space: if you’re not prepared to quit the friendship but you’re ruining a lot, assume taking a break from the friendship for a period.

      Keeping yourself involved or consuming time with other friends can assist to create barriers and give you space from the toxic friendship.

      Decrease contact

      If some of the negative and strange behavior is happening over text, an easy boundary to set is to make your friend understand that you can not text them as much as you used to because it’s really affecting your performance at school, uni, or work.

      Decrease contact to deal with toxic friends

      Hide them on social media

      When a friend hurts you, First of all, no matter which category of person your toxic friend is, you need to make her less of existence in your life, so start by not watching her online.

      If this individual is a Facebook friend (or any other social media friend) you need to make sure she does not arise in your timeline.

      Maybe you don’t prefer to unfriend her fully, so rather you can unfollow her. That way she won’t know you’re not seeing her posts, but equally, you take back custody of your online space.

      Hide them on social media to deal with toxic friends


      Put new boundaries

      After chatting with your friend, you might assess setting some boundaries.

      They could be particular ones or left suspicious, depending on what you want.

      How to solve friendship problems? Here are some do and don’t for unhealthy friendship.

      Put new boundaries to deal with toxic friends

      DO: Always ignore mean texts that are from your friend.

      DON’T: purposely leave your friend out of group chats.

      DO: avoid or decrease contact with a Friend who isn’t treating you well.

      DON’T: encourage common friends to leave them out.

      DO: chat about friendship problems with other friends, if you need to obtain another opinion.

      DON’T: spread false rumors about them.

      DO: stand up to your friend who isn’t dealing with you well.

      DON’T: abuse them or call them names.

      how to cope with losing a friendship

      What happens when we lose an addictive friend? These losses happen every day but when they do, it makes you mentally weak.

      If you find yourself in a situation where you are losing a good friend, you can adopt these steps:

      • Be good to yourself and don’t blame yourself for this loss.
      • Plan yourself for the future to cope with losing a friendship.
      • Realize your own needs when the loss results from a friend’s loss.
      • Think about your needs when the loss results from a friend’s move or another situation.
      The Ending Lines

      Life is so short.

      Consume it with friends who make you laugh and feel adored.

      Don’t stress over how to deal with toxic friends friendship?

      It’s actually time to create some differences TODAY if you have a toxic friend in your life. 

      You owe it to yourself to do so.