There are many online websites are available which publish books but many of them demand some money for publishing a book. Now how to get a book published for free.

This money includes administration and printing costs.

You can also self publish your book for free using the traditional way.

you have to send this book to an agent who will take this book to a publisher.

If your book impresses the publisher and fulfills his requirements then he will publish your book for free without any kind of charges.

Writing a book is quite a good hobby if you have no friends and getting bore.

There are two ways to publish your book for free.


How to Get a Book Published for Free Online and Offline

  1. Publishing Book Offline
  2. Publishing Book Online

Publishing Book Offline

At first, you have to write an efficient and impactful book.

Then you have to contact an agent.

As you have no experience the agent and publisher can accept your uncompleted manuscript as well but you should try to complete your manuscript.

  • Proof Reading

To remove mistakes from your book proofread your book and give this book to another person as well for proofread.

If someone is interested in your book you can also sell your book.

As an example, if your book is for students you can offer it to students as well as their teachers.

After finishing the proofreading you should ask proofreaders about any type of mistake they found in the book and would they purchase your book.

proof reading-publishing- a- book -on -amazon

  • Finding An agent of Publisher

The thing to do now is to find an agent for your book.

For this, you have to approach an agent from the website of the author’s representatives.

Then in the search box of the website enter your topic.

your book is about students so you have to type student-related queries.

Then study the criteria for every agent on the website.

Maybe some agents will instruct you to send a hard copy of the book and some will allow you to submit your work on their website.

searching publisher-steps -to- publishing -a- book

  • Sending a Query Letter To Publisher

Write a query letter with a copy of your book.

In this letter, you have to explain everything about the book like what is your purpose of writing the book and what is the main topic of the book.

The letter should comprise only one page but it should be attractive and interesting to read so that after reading your letter agent also read your book.


sending a letter-to- publish- a -book- for- free

  • Waiting for Publisher Response

Now you have to wait for the agent response whether he will accept your script and refer it to the publisher or not. They have a lot of work to do.

So they will take a long time to respond. They can take some weeks or even a month.

You have to keep contacting the agent to ensure that he is representing your book to the publisher for approval.

waiting  for response-publishing- a- book- on- amazon

  Publishing Book Online

  • Searching Website For Publishing

Would you know how to get a book published for free online?

For online publishing, you have to search for different websites to publish your book.

The book publishing website will ask you to create an account in which you have to provide your name, address, email, phone number, and after that, you have to create a password for login.

After this, they will ask you to upload your book in PDF format or in word file.

You can also publish a book on Amazon.

It is one of the best free book publishing companies in the USA.


searching online publishers-steps -to- publishing- a -book

  • Designing Book Cover

You can design your book cover and upload these designs to the website as a cover of your book.

You can also add some text to your book cover to make it descriptive.

Fix the price of your book, write some content for the promotion of your book, get approval, and publish it for free.

Book Cover-to-publish-a-book-for -free

  • Promoting Book Online

It is not going to be easy to get sales of your eBook.

It is not like doing a post on Facebook  Instagram or Twitter.

Even if you will post your book on your social media only a few of your friends will react to it.

Be calm and relax. It will take a time to get to the attraction.

If you are promoting your book in the right way then people who find new books will definitely get your book.

Many ways are also available there for free promotion of your book.

promoting-publishing-a-book-on -amazon


   Bottom Lines

If you have a passion for writing or want to write a book and publish a book for free and get paid, we will teach you how to get a book published for free.

you can publish your book online and offline on both platforms.

There different methods for publishing on these platforms as explained above.



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