Do also want to know how to make eyelashes grow back.

Then you are in the right place.

There could be various reasons for eyelashes loss.

It could be a sign of some kind of health disease and sometimes it’s normal.

Falling out of eyelashes one or two in a day is normal and it is due to the hair renewing and your body will recover them again. It will take time.

If you think it is not normal then you have to be concerned with the doctor.

But there are some precautions that you can try to recover your eyelashes without concern from a doctor.

You have to make some changes in your daily life routine like using facial makeup and your diet.


Keep your face clean and protect it from any kind of invertebrate and bacteria.

Reasons for Eyelashes Lose

An infection known as blepharitis could be the main reason for eyelashes loss.

Due to this infection overgrowth of bacteria on your face takes place.

The simple way to prevent this infection is to wash your face most of the time in a day.

The eyelashes take some time to grow back and it all depends upon the cause of eyelashes loss.

Concerning a specialist and taking proper medication could prove helpful in this regard.

  1. Hormone Problem

There could be some type of physical problems under the surface of your skin which can cause eyelashes to lose.

You might have hormone problems that do not let your hair grow. In other areas of your body hair loss can also take place but it is not confirmed.

You can overpower this disease by taking proper medical treatment.

Sometimes your age also matters if you are at a young age there could be some serious health problems and if your age is in between 40,s or 50,s then it is quite normal.

But you can also take medicine for normal hair loss.




  1. Alopecia

If hair loss is restricted to eyelashes then it is due to infection but if you see patches of hair loss at different parts of your body this condition is known as alopecia.

If you have alopecia it would be better to concern yourself


alopecia- regrow eyelashes

  1. Eyelashes Lose due to Disorders

There is some kind of mental disorders in which a man himself pulls his hair.

This condition is known as trichotillomania.

In this disorder, some people pull their heads and some people pull their eyelashes as well with hair.

If you realize that you are suffering from this kind of disorder then you must have to concern yourself with a therapist.

The therapist will help out to get from this disorder and become undepressed

Except that you have to make it possible to not your hair or eyelashes without any reason.

disorder -stimulate-eyelash-growth-naturally


 How to Make Eyelashes Grow Back In Easy Ways


1-Maintaining Eyelashes Growth

2-Avoid Face Make up

3-Washing your Face

4-Taking Proper Diet

5-Don’t use Hair Curler


  • Maintaining Eyelashes Growth

There are only small things you can do to prevent your eyelashes from falling.

First, you have to prevent your eyelashes from falling back again.

You have to simply maintain the growth of eyelashes.

If you think that your eyelashes will grow back then you just have to focus on the maintenance.

mainting growth-do eyelashes grow back the same length

  • Avoid Face Make up

How to make eyelashes grow back is not quite a difficult question.

There is no need to worry if you think it is due to some problems with hormones or due to chemotherapy.

If you don’t know about any kind of reason then you have to avoid face makeup.

Because the reason could be that your make got expired and after passing some time it spread some kind of bacteria on your face.

Moreover, it could also be the reason due to the reason that your face has an allergy to any particle or ingredient of make-up and it offends your skin so much to lose hair.

If you want to use some kind of cosmetics or makeup to cover up eyelashes make it confirm that these products are not the cause of eyelashes loss.

First, you have to avoid any kind of makeup for some weeks or even for a month than if you see some positive results it is well and good. But if not then you have to be concerned by a specialist doctor.

face make up-regrow-eyelashes

  • Washing your Face

The loss of eyelashes can also occur due to the growth of bacteria more than needed on your face.

You have to wash your face with quality and branded soap or face wash it will control bacteria.

You must be careful about the dryness of your face because its tiny pores are generated and they can cause infection.

wash face-naturally stimulate eyelash growth naturally

  • Taking Proper Diet

Diet can also affect your eyelashes and hair fall because if you don’t eat food your body will not get the vitamins and proteins that are needed for normal growth.

You should take a balanced and healthy diet so your body gets enough vitamins and proteins that are necessary to grow your hair back.

You should take a healthy diet like milk, nuts, fish, and green vegetables.

proper diet-do-eyelashes-grow-back-the-same-length

  • Don’t use Hair Curler

If you often use a curler for your eyelashes it can also be one of the causes to lose eyelashes.

The reason is that if you have weak hair, the curler will pull out your hair.

By avoiding the use of a curler can also be result driven and may it stops losing eyelashes.

Due to eyelashes loss if you have very little eyelashes or you don’t have eyelashes you can use eyeliner in liquid form.

It will help you to look better and natural.

hair curler-regrow eyelashes


Treatment of Eyelashes Lose

It is also possible that the doctor will prescribe you bimatoprost in eye drop form.

It is used in the treatment of the eyes’ inner high pressure.

By using this there are 70 % of chances that your eyelashes will grow back after one year.

To provide your body with the necessary amount of nutrients you have to take a diet containing multivitamins.

There are some brands in the market available related to the nail skin and hair health. You can use any one of them that can fulfill your daily dietary vitamin requirements.

You can easily find any kind of gel or serum for the normal growth of eyelashes.

You can use them with makeup or without makeup.

You can also use mascara that contains liquid or peptide complexes which can help your eyelashes to grow back.

Bottom Lines

One of the important questions is how to make eyelashes grow back.

Your eyelashes will grow again by following the natural process.

There is also the possibility that your eyelashes will grow back naturally without any kind of treatment.

But you can speed up the process of re-growth by taking precautions and using home remedies.


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