At some stage of our life, we feel time seems to drag on and don’t passes quickly.

Then we find ways how to make time go faster.

Because you don’t have any work to do or you have a very boring day at the office.

If you are waiting for some happy and interesting news you can’t wait for this and you think that time is not passing normally and it is going down slow.

If you are depressed then time will hang out.

When you will involve in different things to pass your time yoU will get undepressed.

If you are in a business meeting, waiting for someone, or you are a passenger waiting for a train during all these conditions time becomes a little slower according to your perspective.

  1. Sleeping for a Long Time
  2. Reading Newspaper
  3. Leaving Home early for Office
  4. Remain Busy in Office Work
  5. Enjoying Music
  6. Taking Break
  7. Using Social Media
  8. Book Reading
  9. Watching TV
  10. Learning Skills
  11. Having Fun with Friends
  12. Playing Games at Mobile Phone
  13. Do Something Enjoyable


How To make time go Faster without Boring


  • Sleeping for a Long Time

Most people like to sleep for a long period. If due to any kind of reason you want your time to be passed quickly there is nothing better than having a deep slumber for more than normal.

By sleeping, it will get faster for you means that it will pass easily for you and you don’t have to do anything special for it.

Sleeping-ways -to- make- time- go faster

  • Reading Newspaper

If you will enjoy the time it will definitely seem to get faster.

So it will be better to have fun and enjoy it during this period.

You can read the newspapers in the morning with a cup of tea.

It is a very good way to enjoy and you will also get some kind of information as well.

reading newspaper-make- time- pass- faster


  • Leaving Home early for Office

There is a specific time to go to the office or school or anywhere you want to go.

It could be better to leave home 20 to 25 minutes earlier.

During this gap, you could plan your whole day.

Moreover, when we get busy in our office or school it does not seems too long and the clock runs quickly.

The work depends on the place where you work and your post.

If you have any kind of work to complete like working on an uncompleted project or you have some questions to respond at email.

If you want your time to speed up remaining busy is the best way to do so.

Doing work is not a kind of fun but it will help your day to go faster.


Going Office-make- work- go- by- faster


  • Remain Busy in Office Work

When we start a new project it requires a lot of attention to progress.

Firstly we have to organize our project and there could be a little fun.

Except for this, you can see the things around you to be improved and you can spend time making some improvements in your work.

You will definitely have some co-workers as well as t office so you can interact with him because socializing is the best way to enjoy.

If you don’t have any extra work to do you can ask your manager.

When you will ask for extra work it will increase your reputation in the organization and your day will also pass quickly.

Office Work-things -to -make -time- go -by- faster

  • Enjoying Music

If you like to listen to music that’s great for you.

While working you also have some music and it will help you to enjoy it.

You can spend a lot of your time listening to music easily.

Music Listening-ways to make time go faster


  • Taking Break

If you are going some hard work and time is not passing easily it would be better to take breaks between your work.

Because you will get some time to relax and some time will also be spent.

Go to the bathroom and refresh yourself.

When you will take a break from work it will distract you from work but it will provide you relaxation and time to get normal.

Break breaking- make- time -pass- faster


  • Using Social Media

Using social media is also an efficient way to pass time when you are on your work.

But remember that you don’t have to develop a habit of social media because it can disturb your work routine.

So keeping yourself busy at work is the best way to speed up your time.

Social Media-make -work- go- by- faster

  • Book Reading

Reading a book is a very good habit and informative as well.

When you will read your favorite book you will lose in it and you will don’t realize how time passes away.

So you have to see at which time period in a day you want to read a book to pass your time.

The selection of books in this regard really matters because if you will read the book you do not as it will affect in the opposite way.


Reading Book- things- to- make- time- go- by -faster

  • Watching TV

It is no more a difficult question to ask how to make time go faster.

If you have a boring day to spend turn the TV on and watch your favorite shows and relax.

If you really like a show you will never come to know how much time is passed while watching the show.


WATCHING TV-ways- to- make- time- go -faster

  • Learning Skills

If you have a passion for something to do or you are an expert in some type of skills it is the best way to pass your day.

Maybe you are good at writing articles.

You can write a complete guide about an interesting topic you like the most.

But if you are not interested in writing you can spend your time learning other skills.

skills make- time- pass -faster

  • Having Fun with Friends

If you have friends you can go outside with your friends and have some fun like playing different games, talking and whatever necessary to pass your day.

If you have only one friend with you it will be more entertaining as compared to be lonely.

Try to engage with an old friend if new friends are not available.

Talking for just a short time with your friend will help you to pass your time.

  • Playing Games at Mobile Phone

Every mobile phone contains some type of interesting games which can help you to distract your time.

Playing games is quite a good way to get your time pass faster but you should avoid gaming at your workplace and school.

If you are free at home and have a gaming pc then it is quite good to play.

mobile gaming-make- work- go- by- faster


  • Do Something Enjoyable

You have to do work that is interesting to do and have some fun.

If you are at your job or at school you have to try to do work that is enjoyable as compare to the usual task.

But if you are at home you can also do something enjoyable and full of fun.

For example, you can choose your favorite hobby.


Bottom Lines

At certain points of life, we have a great time to spent and we don’t know how to make time go faster.

But there are a lot of ways through which we can speed up our time.

We can watch movies, shows, play games and have fun with friends.


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