If you are a student of high school then you must know about how to Obtain a Copy of Your High School Diploma.

Often we lose our diploma or it gets damaged.

If this type of incident occurs you should know, how to obtain a copy of this diploma.

You can get it from your school easily or may you have to contact your district office or department of education of your state.

If you will not get your diploma from school they will guide you on how to Obtain a Copy of Your High School Diploma.

After contacting any one of these agencies you have to pay a fee and fill out the form.

Then there are some chances of getting a diploma in 2 to 3 weeks.

Purposes of a High School Diploma

A copy of the diploma is used for many purposes.

If you have a copy of your diploma, you can save the original one and use a copy when needed.

A diploma in high school is also necessary to apply for a job.

you can use it to display at your residence.

Moreover, if you want to study abroad or want to get admission into any kind of degree program a copy of your high school diploma is required.

  1. Contacting your School
  2. Contacting District Office
  3. Approaching Education Department of State
  4. Time Consumptions’
  5. Paying Fee for copies


How to Obtain a Copy of Your High School Diploma Quickly


  • Contacting your School

You can also search online about your school and request about diploma at their website.

By adding complete information of your schools like name and proper address you can find your school website.

It is possible that there will be a page for the student requests.

you can apply through it easily.

If your school website does not have any kind of page for student records then school contact must be available there like a phone number or email address.

First, try to contact your School directly.

If you get connected with any person of administration you can ask him to lead you on how to get a copy of a high school transcript and diploma.


  • Contacting District Office

A number of schools issue diploma copies on their own and some refer you to other agencies.

In case of not getting copies of the diploma, you have to contact other agencies like the district office and department of education of your state.

If your school will not issue a copy of the diploma they will explain the whole process.

After that, you have to fill out the official form online or by hand.

The information needed to fill this form is your name, contact, address, and graduation date.

If now you are living out of your state you can print out the form from the internet or you can request them to send you physically through the mail.


  • Approaching the Education Department of State

When you will contact your district office and reached, there is a chance that they will refer you to the department of education.

So it will be better to contact your education department before approaching the district office because they will explain to you the whole scenario of how to Obtain a Copy of Your High School Diploma.

Different states have different rules due to this you will get your diploma according to the regulations of the state.

You should have the contact number of the education department and your school because may you need some help from them.

When you will call, an administrative assistant will pick up the call and transfer it to the person you want to talk to.

After learning about the process of application you have to simply follow the instructions.

They will provide you a form to fill out basic information.

  • Time Consumptions’

They will send your copies of the diploma through the mail. But if you will request them, they will send it using an online method and you will receive electronic copies of the diploma.

But it takes a time of two to three weeks. Your school will inform you about the average time of processing.

If your school is not operating further or they are not able to help.

Then you have to contact the district office. You can easily find out their website on the internet.


time consumption-high-school-diploma


  • Paying Fee for copies

You have to pay some amount of fee for copies of the diploma from 10 to 15 dollars.

If you are requesting officially then you need a certified check as compare to a personal check.

For online payment, you can use either a debit card or a credit card.


Difference Between High School Diploma and Transcripts

You must remember that a high school diploma and high school transcripts are not the same things.

If you have a diploma, it proves that you are graduated but it is not the official record of your academic qualification.

So it is necessary to have high school transcripts with a high school diploma.

Beware of Fake Websites

A number of fake websites are also available there.

These websites sell fake high school documents like the diploma of high school or transcripts.

While applying for a job or admission if you submit fake documents and it is detected then you will be in hot water.

These websites contain, malware and virus which are not good for your system.

fake websites-high- school- transcript

Replacement of High School Diploma

There are some district offices also that do not provide a copy of the high school diploma. Instead, they issue transcripts or verification letters for the confirmation of your high school degree.

This could be the best replacement for your high school diploma.

You can also ask the people who are requesting for a high school diploma about the replacement.

Bottom Lines

If you are graduated and want to apply for a job whether it is a private job or government a copy of a high school diploma is required.

At this point, you will definitely think about how to Obtain a Copy of Your High School Diploma.

You can simply get it by directly going to school or contacting them.

Some other ways are also available like the district office and education department of the state.



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