I genuinely never thought anybody would really say, “sell me this pen” or “how to sell a pen?” in a marketing interview. I was not correct. 

I’ve been working on both aspects of this question, both interviewing employees and interviewing for marketing jobs.

It can be very uncomfortable. And as focused in The Wolf of Wall Street you don’t need to start describing how shiny the pen is or further commonly listing all the features of the pen.

According to the scene from Wolf of Wall Street on Sell Me This Pen:

Jordan: [To Brad, passing him a pen] Sell me that pen quickly.

Brad: [Responding request] Just do me a favor. Write your name down on that napkin for me.

Jordan: [Looks around] I don’t have a pen.

Brad: Exactly. Allowance and need, my friend. [Pass him the pen]

If you like to provide a mic-drop line like Brad when you’re inquired to sell a pen, you can.

Here are three instances:

Providing them approach to their idol

Them: Sell me this pen.

You: Who’s your best-loved celebrity/movie actor/actress/sportsman?

Them: Highly Popular Person.

You: Highly Popular Person just provided me this pen [clasps on horizontal palms]. Do you like to buy this pen? *Drops Mic*

We all wish to have a superpower

Them: Sell me this pen.

You: If you could retain a superpower, what would you wish to have?

Them: The Ability to ___.

You: So, there’s something you should understand. This normal-looking pen isn’t actually a pen. It glances like it to conceal the truth that it’s something much, much more.

[Scoot forward in your chair or kneel nearer in case you’re standing]. It’s an appliance that allows you to activate and deactivate the ability to ___. You just click/twist on here [show them that point].

Are you agree to buy? *Drops Mic*

Nobody is actually perfect, but they can be

Them: Sell me this pen.

You: What’s something you ever miss to do?

Them: This actually necessary thing.

You: Ah, that’s terrible. Alright, I understand that. Which is why I gave you this… [puts pen on the furniture or hand positively but carefully].

I feel what you believe – but no. It’s not actually a pen. Pens just write something. This is understandable.

Whenever you wish to do something tomorrow, just inquire about it to make you remember.

In X hours, or on X Date and Y time, it will shove you to do that actually Important Thing. It’s like Siri or Alexa, but it exists in a pen that also used to write, and it’s $5. What do you think? *Drops Mic*

The truth is, “how to sell a pen” is the most tricky question ever asked. If you are nervous, you surely fail.

Why it matters to “how to sell a pen” in interview?

At first, I didn’t understand why it counted. It just looked like a stupid question. But, you’ll watch it.

When you will be good at resolving this problem with a satisfactory answer, you really become one hell of a seller.

And that’s why folk, however, inquire of it in interviews. It indicates your imaginative strategy and how promising you are at really selling a pen and selling the merchandise and (not just browsing your resume). There is a possible reason 

There are precisely four sales abilities the canvasser is glancing to detect when you answer:

  • how you collect knowledge 
  • how you react to advice 
  • how you provide knowledge 
  • and how you inquire for something (finishing)

Now, since I had a bunch of marketing interviews marshaled at the beginning of last year. I was thinking, It is better to practice my reaction just in case.

Then, just wing it, the technique is promising for doing pancake mix, not for deals interviews.

4 tricks for answering to sell me this pen in an Interview - logics help

4 Tricks for answering to “Sell Me This Pen” in an Interview

You might be inquired to selling a pen, a pencil, a fan, an apple, or anything everyday object.

As with other theoretical topics, there will be wrong answers, but the employer will be eager in the procedure of the deal that you observe, your oral discussion making abilities, and your excitement and creativity.

Here are 4 best tricks on selling pens or how to sell something in an interview. The following trick will possibly help you to sell pens simply to that interviewer. 

  1. Be Ready to Sell pens or Anything
  2. The problem-creation approach
  3. Be Confident
  4. Highlight an emotional use for the pen
  • Be Ready to Sell pens or Anything

Few interviewers may not play along with your undertaking to evaluate their intentions.

So be prepared to sell the commodity without their information. Underscore the characteristics of the commodity and advantages that the buyer will arise from acquiring and utilizing it.

Think about your personal knowledge with the commodity and the feasible understandings of other addicts as you craft a reaction.

  • The problem-creation approach

Problem creation, without question a great method to “sell me this pen.”

Rather than inquiring clear questions, reps who use this tactic ascertain an obvious “ladder” for consumers to fulfill using questions that make them interested in issues they didn’t actually know about in the initial spot.

With this strategy, the customer comes at a pre-set decision which the sales diplomat has organized.

This is one of the best reasonable outcomes. Any rep who can successfully carry this path has the kind of clasp on the sales procedure every hiring administrator expects to notice.

That being said, this consequence is an aberration. Reps who can successfully use the difficulty production technique aren’t simple to come by.

  • Be Confident

Keep in mind, the major goal your interviewer is inquiring about is to assess how well you react when you suffer pressure or are caught off the shield.

Actually, if you don’t have a faultlessly elegant sales spiel to whip out at a time’s notice, do your best to show a level of enthusiasm as you struggle your direction through your answer.

Sit up consecutive, conserve eye connection, communicate clearly, and smile. Those nonverbal clues will go a far way in rendering you appear poised and self-assured regardless of the real volume of your sales key. If you are confident then you can sell pen easily to the interviewer.

Not one pen but you can sell pens easily with this trick.

  • Highlight an emotional use for the pen

In step 2 you make them buy the significance and logical uses of your product. Now in the upcoming step, sell them on the personal advantages of your merchandise.

Utilizing the pen for writing a handwritten letter.

Tell them a fiction tale. Accentuate how you have begun writing your colleague, parents, and friends handwritten letters.

Get them believing about somebody in their existence that they enjoy and that they would wish to thank.

Make a subjective and emotional relationship with the pen. The handwritten coupon and bright blue supported ink can be their brand.

By building emotional connections to products to customers you can actually learn how to sell something in an interview.

tips to answer sell me this pen or how to sell a pen - logics help

Short tips to answer “sell me this pen”. Keep in mind it for yourself to sell pens to an interviewer.


  1. Discover how they last time used a pen (gain info)
  2. Underscore the significance of the recreation they last used a pen (react to info)
  3. Sell something huger than a pen, like the thought of mind (provide info)
  4. Ask for the buy to them (closing)

Bottom Lines on selling a pen in interview

So this was all about “how to sell a pen”. Selling a pen is not actually a tough job at all. If “sell me this pen” is a query to observe if you understand how to ask a question before answering, this shortcut helps.

If it’s an extra complex test to lead a discussion from info-gather to shut, use the initial procedure. That method shows you the skill to observe in-depth difficulties and formulate solutions.


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