If you have to face panic attacks more than two to three-times this condition can cause panic disorder but how to stop a panic attack.

The panic attacks are sudden attacks and you feel like you are having a heart attack or losing control over yourself, according to the experienced professionals.

Due to this, your blood pressure gets high and you need to lower your blood pressure.

In panic attacks, you feel like you have a fever but there will be never any kind of symptoms of fever.

Your breath will get faster and your pulse rate also increases.

Most people may have to face panic attacks two to three times in their life but it can also occur more than these numbers as well.

Now we will have a look at this point.

If you will get treatment from a professional you will be able to prevent yourself from further panic attacks.

Difference between a panic attack and Stress

It is necessary to differentiate between panic attacks and the stressful state of the mind.

Because both have almost the same kind of symptoms like pulse rate, sweating, and high blood pressure.

Usually, one or more time’s a man suffering from stressful conditions in their life.

You may have to face stress conditions when an unpleasant event occurs.

But a panic attack is not related to any kind of event in life.

These are steps to stop a panic attack :

  1. Keeping Breath Normal
  2. Continue you Regular Life
  3. Don’t run away
  4. Divert your Focus
  5. Be Relax and Calm
  6. Use Senses to Stop Panic Attack
  7. Consulting From a Doctor
  8. Taking Proper Medication
  9. Concerning with Psychologist
  10. Early Diagnosis


How to stop a panic attack with Common Remedies and Proper Medication


  • Keeping Breath Normal

The rapid is one of the causes of panic attacks.

If you will be able to control your breathing you can overcome your pulse rate, blood pressure, and sweating.

One of the methods is to take a deep breath and hold it for a long time.

Due to this your oxygen and carbon dioxide level will get balance and your breathing will get normal.

The method of breathing is to breathe in slow and deep and after that exhale as slow as possible.

For this, you have to sit on your knees and keep one hand on your chest and the other one under your ribs and relax your body.

breathing normal-Panic-attack-symptoms

  • Continue you Regular Life

You must remain normal and continue to do your regular base activities.

Don’t allow panic attacks to affect your normal life. If you will continue to do your work and will be the focus.

Your mind will get a relief that there is no need to worry about anything.

Regular life-Panic-attack-causes

  • Don’t run away

Don’t run away when you have a panic attack.

If you will stay at your place you will send a message to your brain that things are under control and in this way you can control your mind but if you will leave this place, every time when you will come to this place you may get panic each time.

don,t run away-Medication-for-panic-attacks


  • Divert your Focus

By concerning a professional therapist you can learn the techniques and remedies of how to stop a panic attack.

Entertaining yourself with singing, dancing, playing a game, watching a movie, and having a discussion with a friend is the best way to keep your mind calm and prevent yourself from panic attacks.

You can also focus on different types of exercises like stretching climbing and running.

divert focus-Panic-attack-causes

  • Be Relax and Calm

Use different methods of relaxation to overcome your anxiety and stress.

It is one of the best ways of reducing panic attacks.

If you have a panic disorder it will be better to concern from a therapist.

He will tell you how you can control panic attacks or panic disorder.


  • Use Senses to Stop Panic Attack

If you have a panic attack or any kind of disorder or mental stress you can get instant relief just by focusing on your senses.

Try to observe only charming and beautiful things around your surroundings like your favorite place, favorite flowers, and your favorite painting.

Listen only to the sound of music at some distance, the voice of birds, and also the voice of air or rain falling down the ground.

When you experience your senses you divert your focus from stress anxiety and panic attack.

Concentrating on your senses is the best way to get a ride of undesirable physical conditions that your body often experiences.

It is one of the natural ways to stop panic attacks.

Senses Medication-for-panic-attacks

  • Consulting From a Doctor

Consulting from a doctor is a better way to deal with panic attacks.

The doctor will prescribe you medicine or will refer you to a professional of mental health for your proper medication.

It could also happen that the mental health professional recommends you to a therapist.

Panic attacks could be related to some kind of mental disorder or mental health problems.

You have to concern with your doctor to overcome these problems.

consulting doctor-Panic-attack-causes

  • Taking Proper Medication

If the people who suffer from panic attacks are treated earlier they get better earlier and get positive results as compared to the people that are not treated earlier.

Benzodiazepine agents are used in the treatment of panic attacks which act intermediately or rapidly.

These agents are addictive and can cause serious problems if someone uses them without a doctor’s advice.


  • Concerning with Psychologist


The best way to stop panic attacks is concerning from a professional psychologist.

Psychological therapy will train your mind and body on how to control panic attacks and stress and definitely a stage will come when these attacks will be no more.

Psychotherapist  use some fundamental while working with patients and these are given below

  1. Keep a diary or some piece of paper and pen with you and note events happening and their dates. This will help you and the therapist to understand which events cause a panic attack.


  1. The training about how to relax your body and breathing are the most power full techniques to treat with panic attacks.


  1. If you know about the illness when a panic attack occurs you will be able to understand the symptoms of a panic attack.

It will be better if you will continue to concern with psychologists even you start getting better because he will help you to find yourself after depression and Panik attacks.

Consulting psycologist-Medication-for-panic-attacks

  • Early Diagnosis

When four or more than four symptoms of panic attacks occur than panic attack is diagnosed.

The question raises now what to do to prevent panic attacks.

If a patient is diagnosed earlier he could be prevented from a lot of complexities and unpleasant results as explained in the above lines.


Bottom Lines

Panic attacks occur suddenly and we feel like we are about to die.

In panic attacks, we feel stressful like sweating, blood pressure variation, and pulse rate increment.

But how to stop a panic attack.

We can overcome the panic attacks by keeping breathing normal, doing exercise, and by consulting a doctor or therapist.