Our today’s point of discussion is how to stop being jealous.

When you feel jealousy on some special occasion it is quite natural and sometimes it is motivating too.

But if you feel jealous by seeing social media photos of cars, clothes, and luxurious homes of people then you need to overcome jealousy.

Now you need to think about how to stop being jealous.

Maybe you get panic due to jealousy and you have to face some issues.

It is not easy to control these feelings but if you want to be better you have to be confident and secure.

The best way to avoid jealousy is to improve yourself and be emotionless and heartless.

  1. Take a deep breath and calm yourself
  2. Avoid Social Media
  3. Don’t Criticize Anybody
  4. Express your feeling
  5. Observing Similarities with the person you Feel Jealous
  6. Appreciating Others
  7. Focus on Yourself
  8. Enjoy Yourself Daily
  9. Interacting with Positive People’s

How to stop Being Jealous and Controlling Yourself


    • Take a deep breath and calm yourself

    May you want your friend not to meet the person you didn’t like but he is doing it.

    Now you will feel jealous and angry. In this type of situation, you should remain calm.

    Take a deep breath for five to six seconds and exhale as slowly as possible.

    By doing this you will feel a little better.

    After getting relax now discuss the issue with your friend.

    When you will have a conversation he will definitely give you a valid reason for meeting with him.


    keep calm-jealousy

    • Avoid Social Media

    On social media, most people share posts about their regular life.

    This thing increases your jealousy.

    It could be that a man who posts his pictures regularly is not living with his family because his job is out of the city or out of the country.

    You just remember that people who post on social media definitely have some positive motives.

    If even now you feel anything bad simply un-follow and un-friend these people.


    avoid social media-to-deal-with-jealousy

    • Don’t Criticize Anybody

    When you criticize someone or use harsh words like calling a name you reflect that you are insecure and the people around you not feel good.

    Instead, just compliment positively and avoid negativity. it will help you to not jealous of others.


    Don,t Criticize-to-deal- with-jealousy

    • Express your feeling

    If you feel jealous of some of your closest ones like your friend relative or colleagues then just express your feelings to them.

    By doing this clear the air and you will be able to carry on some positivity.

    For example, you and your friend apply for admission to the same college. your friend gets admission to your dream college but you fail to get admission.

    You have to convince your friend while talking to him that I behave rudely with you many times because I feel jealous of you.

    I get hearted because you are living my dream life but you are not at fault.


    expressing yourself-to-stop-being-jealous-of-others-success

    • Observing Similarities with the person you Feel Jealous

    You can diminish jealousy by observing similar qualities between you and the person you feel jealous of.

    If you think you both are almost similar it will make you feel better.

    As an example, if your friend has an awful bike that you don’t have but you both are neighbors, went to the same school, and have common friends as well.


    similarities to-deal- with-jealousy

    • Appreciating Others

    By hating someone will not lead you to your goals rather it is a hurdle between your goals.

    When you see someone is doing a great job appreciate him and stop being jealous of others’ success.

    This shows your courage and respect for others.

    If your friend is doing a job in a reputed company and has a good career.

    You should appreciate him by saying that hopefully, you will get promotions and awards as well in near future.


    appreciating- jealousy

    • Focus on Yourself

    Try to focus on yourself to stop being jealous of someone.

    Make a list of things or skills you are good at like writing, speaking, listening, hard-working, and cooking.

    To get confidence do your favorite thing like writing an awesome article.

    Remember about the great things that God has gifted to you.

    Think about your parents who love you and try their best to fulfill your every desire.

    Or maybe you are getting an education in your dream college. Thinking about all these blessings will help you to overcome jealousy.

    May you may have a rich friend that always asks you to go on a trip you that can’t afford or on a five-star restaurant these things cause jealousy.

    If you can’t afford it go to a five-star restaurant then ask him to go to some local restaurant.

    you can ask your friend that we both will eat food together only if you allow me to decide the restaurant and stop being jealous of your friend.


    focus to-deal- with-jealousy


    • Enjoy Yourself Daily

    Everyday plans something you enjoy and love to do. If you want to have fun playing outdoor games with your friends, watch movies or, your favorite show.

    This type of activity will help you to feel happy and not to focus on others.



    • Get Inspired Instead of Jealous

    Instead of feeling jealous get inspiration from the people and set your goals.

    Divide your goal into small patches.

    When after every day and week you will achieve these small steps.

    It will boost your confidence.



    • Interacting with Positive People’s

    Another reason for your jealousy could be the company of your friends that want you to feel jealous.

    So you need to patch up with positive, honest, and kind-hearted people and friends.

    The positive people will always be helpful and kind to you.

    But the negative people will always criticize and insult you to feel lower.


    surrounding positive people-to-deal- with-jealousy

    Knowing the Causes of Being Jealousy

    You have to know about the reasons for your jealousy because if you will come to know these reasons you can learn about how to stop being jealous.

    The reasons could be like you have low self-esteem OR maybe you are insecure about your future.

    After analyzing these factors you have to simply solve these problems.

    If you will note it which things urges you to jealousy and from where it is coming you will be able to respond to jealousy.

    It will be better to concern with a professional therapist.

    A therapist may understand the reasons for your jealousy.

      Bottom Lines

    Only a few people exist in our society who feels jealous of others.

    What are the reasons for jealousy and how to stop being jealous?

    These kinds of people are those who feel insecure and are not happy with their lives. Instead of the focus on yourself, they focus on others.