One of the first questions that seeking Korean speakers inquire about is, “How to study Korean language?”

Another question, is it easy to learn Korean? There are lots of reasons for wanting to know how to study Korean in the most productive way possible.

For starters, South Korea has the 11th vast economy in the world.

In addition, Korean is the 12th highest spoken language with more than 77 million speakers.

Among the laypeople, it was always mistaken for Chinese or Japanese.

how to learn Korean and speak like a native

Someone asking me is it hard to learn Korean? Or is it easy to learn Korean?

The chances that arise from learning Korean are vast!

Whether you wish to learn Korean for business or pleasure (or watching K-dramas).

There are various techniques that can stimulate you to fluent faster.

Forget about expensive Korean teachers and lessons.

The best way to learn Korean online is 10 times faster & inexpensive.

Here are some crucial tips about how to study korean language.

  1. Master the Hangul
  2. Find a Language Partner
  3. Discover your Learning Style
  4. Watch K-drama and K-pop learn Korean
  5. Konglish is Your Friend
  6. Don’t Be Discouraged
  7. The best way to learn Korean: explore Hallyu

  Be an Expert by learning How to study Korean

  • Master the Hangul

As with any new language, grasping the alphabet is an incredible path to kickstart your journey to fluency.

The 한글 or Hangul is the Korean alphabet.

It has been utilized since the Joseon Dynasty in the 15th century A.D.

Hangul is composed of 24 letters, containing 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

The shapes of the written consonants are based on the shape that the mouth generates when making each sound.

Vowels are piled up of vertical and horizontal lines.

Learning the Korean alphabet is crucial for reading Korean.

it’s said to be the most scientific alphabet on the planet.

Learning the Hangul is straightforward, all you require is to remember the characters and the sounds that are correlated with them.

Pay some time handwriting symbols and simultaneously pronounce their sounds to create an audiovisual connection.

If you’re a beginner Spend 5 to 10 minutes a day reading a full Korean text out loud.

  • Find a Language Partner

You must be wondering How to study the Korean language without any friends?

The most productive way of learning a language is to listen and communicate with a native speaker. 

Engage in meeting weekly with your language partners, and create a rule that you’ll simply speak in Korean.

Teach yourself Korean smartly.

Come ready with a topic to speak, so rather pop than going through the similar small discussions each week, you will be eligible to have a better in-depth conversation.

And don’t be ashamed to make mistakes or just get laughed at.

There is nothing wrong with being bad at first – everyone began there.

Laugh along and you will be amazed at how rapidly you enrich.

Is Korean hard to learn? If you stay in Korea, this is manageable; however, if you don’t, discovering Korean friends might not be as straightforward.

Look for student’s clubs and classes at local universities or local Korean populations; several of them will be happy to allow you to tag along.

You can even try a language exchange app like “Bilingual”, where you can relate with native speakers and rehearse the language.


  • Discover your Learning Style

One simple but crucial tip for how to learn Korean quickly is to understand your different learning techniques.

There are three main learning styles:

  • Visual (learning by seeing)
  •  Auditory (learning by listening/hearing)
  • Kinesthetic (learning by actions)

While some learners are a mix of all three,

knowing what your personal learning style is can boost you maximize your Korean studies and understand more efficiently. If you are discovering How can i learn Korean fast you have to switch to this crucial method.

  • Watch K-drama and K-pop learn Korean

Has it often happened to you to pay time in a different country and then hear people at home speak the language of the country you toured?

Strangely enough, your brain is so gifted it just adapts to the notes you hear.

It establishes expectations and when these expectations are not fulfilled, it “recalibrates” to listen to the right sounds.

The procedure happens so quickly that some of the times you won’t realize, but it’s ever there.

you could see Korean movies.

Watching K-drama and K-Pop is usually the number one reason people become interested in Korea.

Seeing Korean dramas, movies, and TV shows is an entertaining way to contain more Korean into your everyday life and boost your vocabulary.

If subtitles are accessible, turn them on in case you come across a word you haven’t learned yet.

The more Korean media you can take in, the better. This is one of the best ways to learn Korean.

  • Konglish is Your Friend

There are many “Konglish” (Korean+English) terms that make up a crucial sum of daily language.

Loan words are terms that use both the sound and meaning from the English word.

These words are very clear to understand as they sound like the word in English, only with a Korean tone. Some examples include:

  • 컵 (kuhp) = cup
  • 카페 (ka-peh) = cafe
  • 초콜릿 (cho-kol-lit) = chocolate
  •  카메라 (ka-meh-ra) = camera
  • 택시 (tek-shi) = taxi
  • 인터넷 (in-tuh-net) = internet
  •  스무디 (soo-moo-thee) = smoothie

Do a sharp online search of popular Konglish words.

You’ll be amazed at how much Korean you already know.

Don’t be discouraged

Can you learn Korean in a year?q If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously significant about learning Korean.

Don’t be discouraged if when you make errors along the way and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone to exercise speaking Korean more.

Native speakers will admire your struggles and enjoy helping you learn!

Is it hard to learn Korean? Mastering Korean takes time and effort; as the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

So celebrate each time you accomplish a goal and remember what motivated you to learn Korean in the main place!

It will feel extremely rewarding when you stare back and realize how much Korean you’ve memorized to speak, read, and write.


  • The best way to learn Korean: explore Hallyu

It’s no mystery that falling in love with culture can give you the strength to move peaks and learn its language quickly than anyone else.

Nothing pushes you like passion.

And if you want to memorize Korean, you’ll need a lot of passion.

If you focus on a passion for learning Korean this can lead you towards your goal of the Best way to learn Korean online.

  • Becoming A Master

Korean is a tremendous language to memorize at the moment.

The country is rising and its culture is becoming more and more important.

You will be happy you made the choice.

Learning a language is constantly a plus and learning Korean is no exception!

As soon as you start understanding it, whether you wish to use it professionally or just to watch your beloved drama you’ll see it was well worth it.

Ending Lines

And last, the secret formula is practice, practice, practice. Yes, it will be tough work to learn Korean.

But it is extremely rewarding when you ultimately understand your special drama or sing along your idol song.

Now you must have the answer to this question of How to study Korean language.

And even more so when you go to Korea and everyone is amazed and asks you: “Where did you learn Korean so well?!”.

if you want to learn korean language it will be your one of the best personal development program.


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