If you have friends in your life that are loyal to you and help you in hard times then they are a great asset for you.

But what to do when you have no friends in your life?

Sometimes it also happened in our life when we feel that I have no one in my life and we feel lonely.

If such circumstances occur in your life you have to adjust it by loving yourself and by taking care of yourself.

In this way, you will feel more comfortable and will not allow yourself to break down.

It could a difficult time for anyone but stay positive and getting help from people around can help you to feel better.

Instead of thinking about what to do when you have no friends and are bored, you don’t have to hesitate to go outside because when you will go outside there are a number of chances that you will find a true friend for you.

Here are some primary points to remember when you are having no friends.

  • Developing interest in yourself
  • Dealing with loneliness
  • Focus on chasing long term goals
  • Adopting a hobby to spend time
  • Engaging yourself on social media
  • Blogging
  • Consulting from a professional

What to do when you have no Friends: Points Explained

Developing Interest in Yourself

Start developing love and kindness for yourself when you are passing through a tough time of your life it will help you to feel better.

Every person faces such situations in their lives when they feel I have no one. This could happen even more than one time when he felt alone.

If you feel alone it does not mean that you have a weak character.

Feeling alone is not your identification it’s just about our feelings.

Now think you are the friend of yourself and treat just like the way that if you have a true friend and how you will treat it.

Now just start talking to yourself in a gentle way as you like to talk to your closest friend.

Give a pat to yourself or hug yourself it might feel a little strange but it will reduce your level of discomfort.

Dealing with loneliness

At times you ask yourself why you have no friends or why do I have no friends?

Feeling alone is not quite a good feeling but the important thing is that we don’t try to suppress our feelings rather than find ways to overcome and decrease it.

We have to sit at a place and try to understand it.

Now realize and think about your senses and different parts of the body by doing this you will leave your feeling in your past time.

During this period of time if you want to weep or cry then must do it and cry loudly because by doing this you will feel light.

If you are doing something about your feeling it does not mean that you are relying on your feeling rather it will help you to get rid of your feeling.

Dealing with loneliness - i have no friends

Focus on Chasing Long Term Goals

Like any other person on the planet you also have dreams and goals for the long term so making a struggle for them and giving time to them will help you to get rid of your loneliness feelings.

Like if you have a goal to get admission to college or university you have to focus completely on your studies and try to get involved in your study related community.

Or maybe you have a plan to visit and tour different countries like Europe Australia or New Zealand.

Find ways how you can do this and which things are needed for that. Like if you have to visit any place firstly you must have money to spend how you will get it. It can be done by saving money for you.

Now take a piece of pen and paper and start noting your goals then you will have a better chance to follow your dreams.

As we know that big dreams require a lot of struggle and hard work we can break down our long term goal into small steps or pieces.

For if you are thinking to write a book make a plan and write 2 to 3 pages in a day.

Focus on chasing long term goals - why do i have no friends


Adopting a Hobby to Spend Time

If you are alone it is completely impossible to enjoy and have some fun so what you have to do now is to go outside and take part in different activities you like.

Everyone has different hobbies or activities which he likes. Maybe you like gardening hiking or collecting different types of coins.

When you do such activities which you like to help your mood to be happy and you start knowing yourself as well.
If you like music and concerts you can go there.

You know that you are alone but once you will go to the concert you will definitely not feel alone because many people have a lot of things the same as that you have a favorite singer except that many other people also like that singer.

Engaging Yourself on Social Media

Using social media is also very good to use if you have no friend.

you can engage with a number of people through your social media accounts.

You can make videos and upload them on YouTube or Facebook expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Beyond this, if you have any kind of skills or you know how to entertain the people by making and uploading videos on YouTube you can do this and you can also get money from this platform.

Engaging yourself on social media - logics help

If you have a passion for writing you can start your own blog.

you can write on a specific and trending subject for that you have to study more and more about this subject.

You can make a blog on health sports or in fashion niches.

By doing this a number of people will engage with you and they will share their views about your blog.

It is not necessary for you to write only about your blog site and it is also will not imposes on you to post something daily.

It all depends on you when you want to write or post you can do it freely.

Blogging - logics help
Consulting From a Professional
When you are working on yourself that what to do if you have no friends?

A number of negative thoughts can surround you and may be due to this you feel a little dizzy .so the solution for this to consult from a professional counselor.

A counselor could prove very helpful to you if you have issues to meet people’s anxiety or other problems like this.

consulting from a professional - logics help

Ending Lines

In this article, all the points have been covered about what to do if you have no friends. It has great importance because if you have friends then it is well and good but if you don’t have friends it can cause a number of problems because everyone needs some people to have fun or to do some other activities as well. So we have discussed some key points that if you don’t have anyone then how to be happy and spent time.


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